Brewing De Rode Katje

08 Oct 2016

At the end of September I brewed the fourth batch of what is now called De Rode Katje, my Flanders Red. Batch three was only a month earlier, as the batch before that had been in the barrel for over a year – it was quite tart! Hopefully with a more aggressive brewing schedule, I can get back to the nice mix of young and old beer that make this style so delicious and refreshing.

Here’s the grain for the recipe. It’s quite a light grain bill, honestly.

Pre-grind Grain

Here you can see the Tipsycat brew system at work. On the left is the red hot liquor tank, running sparge water into the mash tun in the center. The mash tun is connected by a pump to the boil kettle on the right, and you can see the darker wort in that hose. The electric controller for the elements is on the far left. The coiled copper is my counter-flow chiller, which is all quick-disconnects and thus disconnected right now. You can also see here the wet floor and the spill bucket. There are no drains here, so anything that goes on the floor has to get mopped up. When I make and break hose connections, I position the bucket to catch most of the waste.


After the sparge, we have a nice bed of spent grain, ready for dumping and cleaning.

Spent Grain

Here’s the barrel the brew will cycle into once its primary fermentation is complete. I’ve tried to note the beers that have been through the barrel, but writing on wood with a Sharpie is difficult!

Solera Barrel

Six hours after starting to heat the strike water, the brewery is clean and the beer’s in the fermenter.

Goodnight, Brewery